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Move In Cleaning Services

As you transition to your new home, it’s likely where you want to place most of your focus. Finding the perfect home is never an easy task, but once you do, that’s when the real work begins.

Negotiating for your new home, packing your belongings, scheduling your moving date, hiring a moving company, and preparing both homes for the move are exhausting tasks. And, those are just the things you have to do when you’re moving. You still have work and family obligations to see to. You’re a busy bee!

You’ll undoubtedly want your new home to be spic and span clean upon your arrival. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to move into a freshly cleaned space without having to lift a finger!

A professional cleaning service like Mom’s Mop can make it happen for you. Let us take care of the cleaning details for you before you move in. The best time for your new home to get a deep cleaning is when it’s empty before a single item makes its way into your new place. That way, every square inch of your home will be cleaned, sanitized, and dust-free.

We can clean while you’re there or while you’re away. We’ll make sure our schedule works with yours. If you prefer that we use your cleaning products and vacuum cleaner, we can do that too. Or we can use ours if you rather. Whatever your preference is, our goal is to meet your needs, whatever they are.

You want a clean you can see and feel. The meticulous cleaning processes of Mom’s Mop will ensure just that.

What’s included in a move in cleaning?

Generally speaking, a move in cleaning service will focus on the basics with some extra attention to detail where needed. This includes:

  • Vacuum Carpet & Rugs
  • Sweep Floors
  • Mop Floors
  • Counter Tops
  • Outside of Cabinets
  • Outside of Appliances
  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Mirrors
  • Dusting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Cobwebs
  • Interior of Windows
  • Windowsills
  • Baseboards
  • Empty Garbage

Mom’s Mop will check these items off your move in cleaning checklist, so you’re able to focus more where it matters – on your move into your new home. While we’re on the subject, we offer move out cleaning services too.

Once you’re settled, Mom’s Mop also has simple cleaning service packages designed to meet your needs. No contracts. No hassles.

  • Once a week
  • Every two weeks (Most Popular)
  • Every four weeks
  • One-time

Mom’s Mop has cleaned homes for clients ranging from tenants to landlords to homeowners. We clean apartments, condos, or houses.

At Mom’s Mop, whether you want a move out cleaning, a move in cleaning, or another cleaning service for your home, we offer professional cleaning with a personal touch, just like Moms. We’ll make sure your old home or your new one is Mom Clean!

Get your instant estimate or schedule a cleaning with Mom’s Mop today by calling or texting (440) 336-8030.

Make It Mom Clean,

Krissy Staton, Founder and a Mom!


( you can relax!)